Visual C++ 6 and Thinstall

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To make VC6 work in Thinstall environment makesure you change all installation paths to a path that does not contain spaces, example:

default path is:

c:\program files\microsoft visual studio

isntead use:


if you dont do this you will get errors when compiling, errors such as:

  • error executing ~vecchio!Compiling
  • error spawning VcSpawn exe

Also dont forget to set up the path entries, here is the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.txt entry if you are missing it:

isolation_writecopy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment Value=MSVCDir REG_SZ~C:\MS\MVS\VC98#00 Value=MSDevDir REG_SZ~C:\MS\MVS\Common\msdev98#00 Value=INCLUDE REG_SZ~C:\MS\MVS\VC98\ATL\INCLUDE;C:\MS\MVS\VC98\INCLUDE;C:\MS\MVS\VC98\MFC\INCLUDE;#00 Value=LIB REG_SZ~C:\MS\MVS\VC98\LIB;C:\MS\MVS\VC98\MFC\LIB;#00 Value=VirtualPath REG_SZ~C:\MS\MVS\Common\msdev98\BIN;C:\MS\MVS\VC98\BIN;C:\MS\MVS\Common\TOOLS;C:\MS\MVS\Common\TOOLS\WINNT;#25windir#25\SYSTEM;#25PATH#25#00

In addition place the MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll into %SystemSystem% directory, this will work for XP, you can find them DLL’s in windows\system32 dir. If you want to make VC6 work through thininstall on a Windows 2003 box, copy the respective DLL’s from the Windows 2003, they should be a newer version. Same goes for Windows 2008.